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Beds Direct: Mister Geek have been instrumental in every aspect of our IT strategy, handling everything from PC desktops and servers to our websites and ecommerce. They even created templates for our frequently used documentation such as invoices, load lists and purchase orders.

Victor Kaye, Gadabouts Travel: Disaster! The hard disk crashed on one of our computers. We had what we thought were good backups on an external disk that another IT company had set up for us. However, just when we needed them, it turned out that these backups had not been properly configured. We were completely lost... all our customer records, emails and correspondence were gone! One phone call to Mister Geek later and not only did they recover ALL of our data but we now have fully-automated off-site backups, peace of mind and a brilliant new IT services company.

Tomos Kempley: I needed a new PC and, having used Microsoft Windows for a while, I was only really looking at a Windows computer. However, I am a musician and wanted to record and edit keyboard and guitars on my new computer. Having carefully listened to my requirements, Mister Geek recommended that I move to an Apple Mac to take advantage of the integrated software. They supplied the laptop, helped me connect everything up, moved all my data from my old PC, trained me how to use the Mac and the music editing software. I am now composing and editing away and have even publishing my music on the internet.
Kia Motors
The guys at Mister Geek ran the web strategy for our vehicle scrappage scheme. It was a massive success from start to finish. We sold more new cars in the UK over 2009-10 than ever before!
Stuart Ware
Honestly, I am clueless with computers but Mister Geek just made it so easy. They set me up with a PC & broadband and showed me how to use it all... now even I can do email and Facebook.

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